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Success Within Podcast - Episode 9 - Mitch Starr

Check out the Ninth episode of our Success Within Podcast featuring Mitch Starr!

Welcome to Episode 9 of our Success Within Podcast! Jeremy Straub speaks to Mitch Starr to learn what makes him successful. They discuss real-life scenarios, the conversations they are having with their clients, and how they are moving business forward. On this episode, we sat down with Mitch Starr and discussed how he maintains the culture within BLS, how technology has increased our opportunities to do business, and advice to newer and experienced agents.

Mitch Starr joined Bienenfeld Lasek & Starr, LLC (BLS) in 1996, when Howard Bienenfeld and Carol Lasek were seeking to groom the next generation of advisors to ensure the continuity of their financial services business. Sharp, analytical, hardworking and entrepreneurial, Mitch inherently grasped Howard and Carol’s vision and wanted to contribute to its success.

Once he accepted Carol and Howard’s invitation to work alongside them, it didn’t take long for all three to realize that the chemistry was right. They continued to refine their working arrangement, and Mitch formally joined the business as a partner in 2002. Having had influential mentors in his own professional and personal development, Mitch feels an obligation to help others succeed in his field – whether through teaching or informal mentoring. Mitch has been consistently recognized for his performance by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), and has achieved ELIF status, for an Exceptional Level of Insurance in Force, an achievement accomplished by less than 300 advisors in the company’s history.

Mitch has been with MassMutual for 26 years and has been Top of the Council for 11 years, Blue Chip Council for 18 years, and Leaders Conference Qualifier for 24 years! He is a frequent speaker on many topics at industry conferences across the country. Equally disciplined outside of work, Mitch exercises year-round to prepare for a variety of competitive athletic events. He actively supports the National MS Society, Compassionate Pug Rescue, and Debbie’s Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for stomach cancer. He has also been a classroom instructor for Junior Achievement and currently serves on the Board of Jewish Federation of Broward County. Mitch is a graduate of Florida International University. He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife, Blake, their two daughters, Allie and Aimee, and five rescued pugs.

On behalf of everyone in the firm, thank you, Mitch Starr, for taking the time to share your insights and convictions with us. Get your pen and notebook ready for the many takeaways they share!

Some major takeaways from this episode: "Always be as clear as possible and transparent with your clients. Go step by step what the expectation is. It's really about managing the expectation so no surprises occur.”

If I had to give advice to someone it would be to find somebody to collaborate with. I really think that is the key to my success. Become part of something much bigger than yourself. Check your ego at the door and just create something with somebody that you trust because trust is the, you know, the main ingredients of what has kept BLS together for as long as we've been.”

For our new agents, I would tell them that they need to spend the time to learn and study. To get comfortable speaking with people and be comfortable asking for big checks. You just have to ask for the big checks, sometimes. You'd be surprised when they actually write it out and hand it to you.”

The support and guidance that we provide our clients are invaluable and even in times of uncertainty, we can create extraordinary opportunities so that dreams become reality.

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