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Success Within - Epsiode 4 - Russell Jacobs

Check out the fourth episode of our Success Within Podcast featuring Russell Jacobs!

Welcome to Episode 4 of our Success Within Podcast! Jeremy Straub speaks to Russell Jacobs to learn what makes him successful. They discuss real-life scenarios, the conversations they are having with their clients, and how they are moving business forward.

Fortunate enough to sit here with Russell Jacobs today, part of Jacobs Coolidge company with his partner Carl Coolidge. He runs an office in St. Simons, Georgia, but has clients everywhere. Russell's a second generation financial advisor and went to the University of Georgia, before he started working with high net worth individuals and business owners. He is a CFP, along with that a Chartered Financial consultant. He has some offices in Savannah, Atlanta, and, Jacksonville and has spent time bouncing around the state working with top clients. I'm excited for you guys to learn about his team today. I'm excited for you to learn a little bit more of a business model Russell.

On behalf of everyone in the firm, thank you, Russell Jacobs, for taking the time to share your insights and convictions with us. Get your pen and notebook ready for the many takeaways they share!

Some major takeaways from this episode:

" Well, as far as reinvesting we put through Carl through the Charlie Epstein's 401k coach, where you got to learn how you should approach and our focus became high touch education to participants and then we went out and started doing that.”

“We also added accountability metrics, so we track and check everything and keep things organized”

“The key thing out of all this is continually organized follow up to conclusion and we tell people, look if you engage us we're either going to be your financial drill sergeant or your financial coach. Either way, take a positive or negative slant to it, you're engaging us to follow up until we get this done.”

The support and guidance that we provide our clients are invaluable and even in times of uncertainty, we can create extraordinary opportunities so that dreams become reality.

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