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Success Within - Episode 5 - Howard Bienenfeld & Carol

Check out the fifth episode of our Success Within Podcast featuring Howard Bienenfeld & Carol Lasek!

Welcome to Episode 5 of our Success Within Podcast! Jeremy Straub speaks to Howard Bienenfeld & Carol Lasek to learn what makes them the powerhouse couple. They discuss real-life scenarios, the conversations they are having with their clients, and how they are moving business forward.

On behalf of everyone in the firm, thank you to Howard Bienenfeld & Carol Lasek, for taking the time to share your insights and convictions with us.

Get your pen and notebook ready for the many takeaways they share!

" So when people said, ‘What do you do for a living?’ It was natural, I help people With their money. I help people retire. I help people. And so when your earnest and you're truthful, then they say, well, I should have met you, a long time ago, or let's talk now. So fast forward 38 years later, now we're reaping the rewards of all those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, thousands of people that we've met.”

“A really strong message to advisors is this reluctance that we all have or the obstacle, we think is out there. It's not really there. It really isn't. It's in our minds”

“Well, the best advice that was given to me many, many years ago was always to prospect up. Always deal with people who are making more money than you're making.”

The support and guidance that we provide our clients are invaluable and even in times of uncertainty, we can create extraordinary opportunities so that dreams become reality.

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