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Success Within - Episode 3 - Glen Golish

Check out the third episode of our Success Within Podcast featuring Glen Golis

Welcome to Episode 3 of our Success Within Podcast! Jeremy Straub speaks to Glen Golish to learn what makes him successful. They discuss real-life scenarios, the conversations they are having with their clients, and how they are moving business forward.

Glen Golish has been a top 10 advisor with MassMutual, three times in his career and has been the number 1 agent one of the years. He has been a parentela top of council producer. Along with that, while at Guardian, he was one of the top 10 advisor, most of his time there.

On behalf of everyone in the firm, thank you, Glen Golish, for taking the time to share your insights and convictions with us. . Get your pen and notebook ready for the many takeaways they share!

Some major takeaways from this episode:

"I take my money and I put it back into my business. I invest in a lot of my staff. There is no question that I wouldn’t be where I am at now if I didn’t have the quality staff that I have. You have to focus your time on doing things are going to be high paying energy jobs. What are you worth per second?”

“Study Groups are very helpful to bounce ideas off one another and it teaches you how to be accountable”

“You have to focus on one thing and one thing only, your clients and selling life insurance. If you want to be an expert in something pick a particular field. Be that expert and be the best you can possible be in that particular field and you will see your income grow dramatically.”

The support and guidance that we provide our clients are invaluable and even in times of uncertainty, we can create extraordinary opportunities so that dreams become reality.

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