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Success Within Episode 12 - Rich Akirmaian

Check out the twelfth episode of our

Success Within Podcast featuring Rich Akirmaian!

Welcome to Episode 12 of our Success Within Podcast! Jeremy Straub speaks to Rich Akirmaian to learn what makes him successful. They discuss real-life scenarios, the conversations they are having with their clients, and how they are moving business forward.

Rich is an advocate for his clients and a leader in his community. He was inducted to the MetLife Hall of Fame in 2015, the highest level of professional accomplishment reserved for individuals whose integrity and commitment to excellence have distinguished them as role models among their peers. Hall of Fame members have dedicated their careers to building lasting relationships with their clients to meet their financial needs.

Rich’s philosophy is to present a methodical full-service approach while maintaining a level of simplicity in implementation. Rich has been with MetLife since 1999, working the Governmental sector in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, primarily at FIU and BSO. Throughout the years, he has conducted a series of educational workshops to teach and help employees understand the implications of their decision making. Rich helps present the value proposition of the employer, which enhances employee retention. In addition to Retirement Planning, Pension Distribution Strategies and Wealth Management, Rich is well versed in compliance issues, regulations and implementation on 403(b), 457(b), ORP, FRS, and DROP to name a few.

Rich has over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and has distinguished himself in his profession by attaining the CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL® and CLTC designations from the American College.

On behalf of everyone in the firm, thank you, Rich Akirmaian, for taking the time to share your insights and convictions with us. Get your pen and notebook ready and take some notes!

Some quotable moments from this episode:

“In order to satisfy my laziness but achieve my financial goals, you know, they're in conflict, right, because in order for you to reach your financial goals you really have to work hard. So what happened is I always look for the most efficient way of getting there. So what I mean efficient is, you see, just like we do planning for a client, we should do planning for our own including our own career and instead of the managers having to tell you, you gotta do this, you gotta do that, I used a different method something called Vision Pull”

I didn’t look much into my peers. What they did and what they don't do. I used me as my own standards to measure success and my standards were quite high obviously”

“You know, you have to spend a lot of time with the group. Relationships are built over time and I'm not talking about going out to lunch or taking a lunch from here and there but the frequency. It is sort of like trust, it gets built over time and it has a compounding effect. So, there's a lot of upfront work that you say ‘I'm not getting anything for It’ but over time, you know, it just like planting, you know, the seed eventually turns into a tree and the fruits come.”

The support and guidance that we provide our clients are invaluable and even in times of uncertainty, we can create extraordinary opportunities so that dreams become reality.

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