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Professional Development Reimbursement

Program Overview

Coastal Wealth supports our team members in becoming the industry’s leading financial service professionals. Coastal Wealth will provide support for continued professional development up to 2000.00 per team member annually to encourage our team members to invest in their professional development.

Program Specifications

1. Complete IDP (Individual Development Plan) with direct supervisor

2. Determine education goals related to current role, future role, leadership development, professional development, industry licensing / designations

3. Review education request with direct supervisor & have them approve

4. Submit approval request to CW Finance department

5. Upon successful completion of course, submit course/material reimbursement form to finance for reimbursement

6. Reimbursement based on receipts not to exceed 2000.00 annually per team member

Contact Information

Send us an Email. For additional information, email Clare Morris at

Eligible Participants

Coastal Wealth W2 & 1099 Team Members

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