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Meet Your CW A360 Team!

Dr. Jason Heller

Dr. Jason Heller

Katie Rodriguez

Katie Rodriguez

Meghan Ioli

Meghan Ioli

Kathy Martinez

Kathy Martinez

Reed Willett

Reed Willett

Sue Steiger

Sue Steiger

Teresa Moulton

Teresa Moulton

Nick Tranghese

Nick Tranghese

Kathy Shepard

Kathy Shepard

Jen Lubieniecki

Jen Lubieniecki

Please note that trainers have not yet been trained on Advisor 360 or Advisor 360 support.

For any questions and concerns related to Advisor360 or data clean up,

 please continue to contact Katie Rodriguez at

2021 A360 Timeline

  • Self Study Release - March 22

  • Registration to Trainings Link Released - March 22

  • Self Study Due - April 9

  • Advisor Checkpoint - April 9

  • Agency Training Module 1 - April 12 & 13

  • Agency Training Module 2 - April 14 & 15

  • Agency Training Module 3 - April 19 & 20

  • Agency Training Module 4 - April 21 & 22

  • Agency Training Module 5 - April 26 & 27

  • Agency Training Module 6 - April 28 & 29

  • Agency Training Module 7 - May 3 & 4

  • Agency Training Module 8 - May 5 & 6

  • Advisor360 Go-Live - May 24th, 2021

A360 Series Available for

Advisors & Sales Assistants


Live360: See what a 'life'-saver Advisor360 will be!

Advisor360 demonstrations and Q&A offered Jan. 21, 22, 28, and 29

The Live360 series, offered monthly through March, will feature demonstrations, Q&A, and different committee members sharing how they are getting themselves, their businesses, and their data ready for May 24.

January’s session will focus on life insurance functionality integrated into the platform, including the ability to:

  • Customize your dashboard to view inforce and pending policies.

  • View and filter insurance policies at both practice and client levels.

  • Prefill applications with client data.

Pay close attention during the session for a chance to win prizes!

Register for January session that best fits your schedule:


Join the Advisor360°  Sales Assistant Training Series

This training series is designed to provide you with an early look of Advisor360°. The series will be hosted by our Field Deployment Leads and will follow a “Tell, Show, Do” format where you’ll learn content, see a demo, and check your knowledge!

Register for series on the days that best fits your schedule:

please register for just one call in each session.

This is an early look  into A360 with minor training as a supporting tool; however - IT DOES NOT replace self study or classroom training coming up.

Salesforce Data Clean Up

Data To review:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Nickname - if client doesn't have a nickname, add first name

  • DOB

  • SSN/TIN - adding this piece will avoid duplicates 

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Deep Dive Data Clean up:

  • Update Past Due Tasks - complete or delete tasks that are completed/not needed

  • Review and address unwanted contact records - delete any contact without contact info

  • Advisor teams - click sync at the top of contact

  • Eliminate duplicate contacts 

Self study & Classroom training Information

  •  Multi-part: Individual self study and Virtual Classroom Training 

  •  Show, Do, Tell :  All training is taught in a show, do tell 

  •  Virtual: Follow along with the trainer, as opposed to taking notes and revisiting.

  •  Replicate and repeat: You will be able to duplicate any demonstration the trainer gives.


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